What is “Moriko’s Wanderlust”?


Here I am! It’s me, Moriko Chan(=child of the wood), the person who this Blog takes the name.

I’ve decided to takes this name, thanks to my love with Japan and his culture. The name of “Moriko’s wanderlust” means: The desire of travel by Moriko!

Correct! I’m a girl who love to travell and the adventure. I’ll post the articles every week, to tell you about my different travel experiences, both inside than outside Italy. We are going to talk about Brasil, Egypt, Ireland, Great Britain…and more places, included AUSTRALIA! A unique and unforgettable experience to the other side of the world with my, by now, husband. I’m going to tell you about problems, smiles, friendships, adventures and so on, to help and to encourage you to try a similar experience.

Being a sports lover, you could sometimes find an article where I talk about sport: from Pole-Dance to Calisthenics, from Aereal to Snowboard.

All the photos you’ll find on the Blog, will be my shots.

Then, is better if I stop here or it will takes more time.

Enjoy my Blog ^_^